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Application Requirements for TESOL

It is not required to be a 4-year university graduate in order to get a TESOL certificate.

In case you consider working abroad, having a bachelor's degree will be a reason for preference.  

In order to work in Colleges, private teaching institutions and English courses in Turkey with an approval from the Ministry of National Education, you need to have a bachelor's degree.

You can find a job in universities in Turkey thanks to TESOL Diploma Programs.

Although there are some of our students who say that they are High School Graduates and have been appointed as master instructors, it is known that this is a mistake frequently made by the Ministry of National Education.

However, High School and Secondary School Graduates can easily find a job if they submit their certificates to the courses.

Each candidate teacher who applies to our programs is directed to the English Language Proficiency Test. Every student who achieves by 50% can participate in the TESOL Course Program.