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Privileges We Offer

While Express English presents the internationally valid TESOL certificate to you; it is proud to be an authorized certificate authority in Turkey, Russia, Iran, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.
You will learn from instructors who are expert and experienced in their field.

 You will find extensive learning opportunities with high admission standards.

 You will learn applications with current methods and techniques.

 You will receive personalized guidance.

You will have the opportunity to access programs the content of which has been stretched relating to your future career goals.

 You will benefit from carefully arranged internship programs.

 Our trainees who complete the training programs are entitled to receive the internationally valid TESOL certificate.

With the ONLINE Training module, you can complete your TESOL Training and get a certificate in one day.

 You can access unlimited English language learning resources through our ONLINE System.

Thanks to our Social Media Platform, you can message and get support from your colleagues who have received TESOL Certification throughout the world.

 You can get free consultancy from our institution during your appointment to the Ministry of National Education.