Mithatpaşa Cad. No:24 Kat:6 Kızılay / Ankara / Türkiye

TESOL Program Price

180 Hours International TESOL Certificate is 3990 Turkish Lira
250 Hours International TESOL Diploma is 4990 Turkish Lira
360 Hours Advance TESOL Diploma is 5990 Turkish Lira
600 Hours Professional TESOL Diploma is 11990 Turkish Lira
700 Hours Instructor TESOL Diploma is 12990 Turkish Lira
60 Hours TESOL Children is 3500 Turkish Lira
180 Hours International TESOL Certificate and 60 Hours TESOL Children are 6500 Turkish Lira
60 Hours TESOL Other Languages is 4250 Turkish Lira - Turkish, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. (Testing assessment for Japanese and Chinese TESOL Certificate Programs may take 1 week.)

With a salary of $1750 US for 12 Months Job guaranteed TESOL Certificate's price is $6000 US (Guaranteed jobs are only valid in JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN AND HONG KONG and require advanced English speaking skills.)
Certified Translation and Notary Services are provided for an extra fee of 590 Turkish Lira.
All our prices include VAT and shipping fees between CANADA and our branch Office in Turkey.
Prices do not include domestic shipping. If our trainees wish, they can receive their certificates from our branches.
9 installments are available for credit cards Bonus, World, Maximum, CardFinans, Paraf and Axess